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Wintrust offers specialized lending services and financial solutions to specific industries.

SBA Lending - Business

Wintrust works with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to offer government sponsored loans. If you are starting or buying a business, expanding your current business or buying real estate for your business, talk to one of our experienced bankers and see how Wintrust and the SBA can work for you.

  • SBA Express Loans: Loans are offered in amounts between $50,000 and $350,000. SBA Express loans include lower down payments on fixed assets and longer amortization on business expansion loans. SBA fees can be financed and can include an accelerated process.
  • SBA 7(a) Loans: Loan is offered in amounts up to $5,000,000. SBA 7A loans include longer amortizations on existing and business expansion debt including working capital and business acquisitions. Most businesses are eligible for SBA financing and SBA fees can be financed.
  • SBA 504 Loans: Loans are offered for equipment and real estate purchases in amounts up to $9,000,000. SBA 504 loans can include lower down payments with construction financing available. SBA fees can be financed and provide longer term fixed-rate financing on a portion of the debt.

Benefits of SBA loans include lower down payment requirements and longer amortization schedules.


Wintrust supplies banking solutions for franchisees throughout the United States with
our specialized Wintrust Franchise Services™. We provide the loan products, resources and technology to get a franchise up and running, or support anticipated financial needs of the long-time franchisee.

At Wintrust Franchise Services, we recognize that franchisees may have unique borrowing needs. Our loan products are designed to help manage your cash flow and adjust to changing business conditions. Situations arise, from time to time, which may have an impact on your store operations. You may have seasonality or may have timing issues with construction or loan maturity. We pride ourselves in designing a financing package around your specific needs and goals. Because we have flexibility in structuring our loans, we can develop signature solutions.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact any of the following Wintrust Franchise Services experts:

  • Sandra McCraren, President

847-432-2488 •

  • Lori Christensen, Vice President

847-432-2399 •

  • Sean Willison, Vice President

847-295-4272 •

  • Melissa Reed, Commercial Banking Officer

847-432-2394 •


Temporary Staffing Firms

Tricom Funding is the premier provider of payroll funding, payroll processing, accounts receivable management, financing and back office support for temporary staffing agencies. Tricom Funding finances employment agencies of all types and sizes, whether you are in a specific industry (such as security guard staffing agency) or have a broad-based temporary staffing agency.

For over two decades, Tricom Funding has partnered with temporary staffing agencies across the nation to help them build strong foundations and successfully grow their temporary staffing businesses. Tricom Funding has built an enduring reputation based on stability, temporary staffing industry leadership, exceptional service and business integrity.

For more information about Tricom, please call 1-888-4TRICOM (487-4266) or visit

Condo & Homeowner Associations & Management Cos

Community Advantage, a Wintrust Company, has specialized banking services for condominium, townhouse, and homeowners associations, as well as the management companies that serve these associations.

We offer a complete suite of financial solutions and services to assist associations in managing their cash and operations, such as assessment collections, a variety of lending options, reserve investments, disbursement services and account management services. We specialize in everything a community association or property management company needs to manage their finances.

For Building Management Companies, we have the resources to accelerate monthly collections from owners and tenants, control payments, invest reserve funds, forecast daily cash needs, and provide comprehensive customized financial solutions for management companies of any size.

Just like the rest of Wintrust’s banks and divisions, we provide the resources of the big banks with the personal attention and focus of a small community bank. Community Advantage is an example of what makes Wintrust great — we have a superb level of knowledge about our industry and can mold our banking solutions to each individual customer’s needs.

For more information, please call 847-304-5940 or visit

Insurance Agents & Brokers

Through its FIRST Insurance Funding Corp., Wintrust is one of the largest commercial insurance premium finance companies in the United States. And with its recent acquisition, we look to expand our presence in Canada with FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada.

Working primarily through independent insurance agents and brokers, this business has grown from a start-up to more than $4 billion in annual loan volume.

FIRST Insurance Funding has also established itself as a leader in life insurance financing for estates, trusts and endowments.

Wintrust is also a leading provider of financial services to independent insurance agents and brokers, offering full treasury management solutions along with loans for expansion, acquisition and agency perpetuation.

For more information about FIRST Insurance Funding Corp., please call 1-800-837-3707 or visit

International Business Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of international banking services to help you compete around the globe. Our team of experienced in-house professionals will meet all of your International Banking needs.

  • Foreign Exchange:
    • Over 80 currencies traded
    • Spot and Forward contracts
    • Up-to-the-minute rates on our stand alone web-based platform
    • FX Loans
  • Trade Finance:
    • Import Letters of Credit
    • Export Letters of Credit
    • Bankers Acceptance Financing
    • Standby Letters of credit
    • Documentary Collections
  • International trade advisory services
    • Letter of Credit and payment terms structuring
    • Foreign buyer and vendor credit reporting
    • Risk mitigation
  • SWIFT Address:
    • OPTBUS44 - under Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A., a Wintrust Community Bank

For more information about Wintrust International Services, please contact Tom Beube, Director International Services, at (312) 291-2904.