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Web-Based Treasury Management Solution

To meet the sophisticated financial needs of today's business client, we have developed i-BusinessBanking™, an integrated Web-based treasury management application. i-BusinessBanking™ provides your business 24 hour access to an extensive array of account information and treasury management services. This will allow you to manage your finances more effectively and further enhance your control of company funds, helping you maximize profitability.

Robust Features and Functions

i-BusinessBanking™ provides users with a full array of electronic treasury management services including the following features and functions:

Account Management Features

i-BusinessBanking™ offers a number of features and reports which will help you manage your deposits, loans and financial information:

  • Real-time account reporting and management
    • Quick Balance Report with 8 Summary Balance Fields
    • Summary Report with Prior or Current Day Balance Information
    • Place a Stop Payment on an issued check
  • Account Transaction Detail
    • Can be requested based on transaction type
    • Sort by Date, Transaction Description or Dollar Amount (Ascending or Descending)
    • Download transactions in CSV or BAI2 File Format
  • Loan Summary and Transaction History reporting
  • Create Quick Links for your most used report requests

Funds Transfer, Payments & ACH

i-BusinessBanking™ offers a number of sophisticated transaction initiation services to help manage your business's cash flow:

  • Transfer funds or make Loan Payments between accounts within the bank
  • Pay Company bills utilizing Bill Payment
  • Collect funds with ACH Collection
  • Make payments with ACH Payment
  • Pay Federal Tax Payments via ACH

File Upload

If you have ability to create your own ACH files or are utilizing our Check Recon or Positive Pay services, i-BusinessBanking™ offers a SECURE file upload service. This service will assist you in the delivery of the following files to the bank:

  • NACHA formatted ACH File
  • Checks Issued File

User Administration Features

In order to better serve your business's specific needs, i-BusinessBanking™ offers the following user administration features:

  • Administrative User ID and Password which allows the Company to:
    • Add, Change, or Delete a User
    • Set access privileges and functions by users
    • Manage user passwords

    Customer Support

    i-BusinessBanking™ offers complete customer support services:

    • General Help is available under each main menu item
    • A dedicated customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have. Telephone access to the customer support team is Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 7:00pm CT by calling toll-free to 1-866-873-9572.
    • Or you may Contact Us via secure e-mail from i-BusinessBanking.

    Safety and Security

    i-BusinessBanking™ uses the most advanced software and systems available that are protected by state of the art encryption, firewalls and confidential passwords. This means that only you or your designated staff will have access to your Company information and prohibits any outside parties from ever acquiring any data.

    How Do I Sign Up?

    For more information including pricing or to schedule a product demonstration, please contact one of our Commercial Banking Representatives.